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Vicious Twist Takes A Wild Ride 

An attorney turns his self-unemployment into a working vacation by taking a job as a bicycle messenger, joining the crazy world of San Francisco messenger culture.  His life as a messenger was nasty, brutish and short, but at the same time it was definitely cool.  Unfortunately, the spiritual benefits of the job were outweighed by the ugliness of being a wage worker who interacted with a contemptuous corporate world.

Published on the  Messenger Institute for Media Accuracy web site in April, 2005, and in the Nov/Dec edition of Farmhouse Magazine, an online literary magazine.


Girl Noir 

Excerpted slice of life vignette from "Bump and Grind," my unfinished novel.  The novel is a simple story about Clara and Greg, a young couple who fall in love...and the fall kills them. The story is presented with a literary authorial flatness emphasizing the contemporary condition of nihilism, giving the text an unsentimental hard edge appropriate to the theme

To be published on, an online literary magazine, in November, 2005.


Bump and Grind (excerpt) 

An erotic excert from "Bump and Grind," my unfinished novel.  It was published in the first edition of an online erotic web site, in November, 2005.  Although the piece was originally included in "Bump and Grind" it has since been removed because it was a gratuitous sex scene that did not add to the story.

I took out the link the the venue above because I sent this page to my mom.


Casual Encounter in a Dark Place

An excerpt from "Bump and Grind," my unfinished novel, will be published on  Look for it sometime in November, 2005.  The excerpt comes from the two first chapters of the novel, and represents the differing perspectives of circumstance as seen through Greg and Clara, in the moments before they meet.


Vicious Twist's Core Curriculum Canon (required reading):

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